Polestar Pilates is the gold standard in Pilates instructor courses and teacher training.

Gateway Pilates Courses

Gateway Pilates is the perfect introduction to teaching Pilates and the Polestar approach to movement.

Mat & Reformer Courses

Start teaching Mat & Reformer Pilates with the Polestar qualification recognised in over 40 countries.

Comprehensive Courses

Become a fully accredited Pilates Teacher with the ability to teach classes and clients of all levels.

Continuing Education

Deepen your knowledge and stay ahead of the curve with workshops and courses on your favourite topics.


Polestar Pilates is the gold standard in Pilates instructor courses and teacher training. Polestar teachers are empowered with a deep sense of what’s going on in a person’s body. Our focus is on healing through movement, and mind-body connection. We are renowned for our holistic and science-based approach to movement that leads to complete mastery of body and mind. We make the science of movement easy to understand and apply.

Training to be a Pilates teacher with Polestar prepares your body and mind for a new career – one that sets you free from the 9-5 while helping people move and feel better. We teach our students to think on their feet and solve movement problems holistically. So whether a Polestar Pilates teacher is working to rehabilitate an injury or training a healthy athlete – they have the ability to assess the need, resolve faulty movement patterns, and make an impact on their entire wellbeing. That is the Polestar difference.

Gateway Pilates

Are you thinking about a career in Pilates? Or perhaps you’re a bodyworker or rehab professional wanting to incorporate a program of Pilates Mat exercises into your practice.  Polestar’s Gateway Mat course is an excellent way to dip into Polestar Pilates training and walk away with insights over one weekend.

The Gateway course is in two parts; online lectures where you learn about the history of the Pilates method and the foundations of the Polestar approach to movement science. The second is face to face over one weekend with a Polestar Educator. Students walk away knowing some key Pilates exercises, their purpose, and how to teach them in sequence.

Mat & Reformer Pilates

Polestar Pilates teacher training applies the science of movement to the art of healing. Our teaching method is interactive; combining face to face lectures with hours of physical practice guided by Polestar educators and mentors. You will learn to assess your clients holistically, physically and psychologically and walk away with the confidence to teach a range of clients.

These courses are ideal for fitness instructors, rehabilitation practitioners and other movement teachers (eg yoga, dance) seeking a Pilates qualification in teaching matwork or reformer. Or, if you are looking for a change of career, for the reformer course you will need to take our introductory Gateway Pilates course prior to enrolling.

Comprehensive Courses

Are you ready to explore a new realm of holistic movement science? Advance your practice and free yourself from the 9-5, become a Pilates Teacher. Polestar Pilates’ comprehensive teacher training facilitates personal and professional growth with an emphasis on the human aspect of movement and teaching.

So whether you’re working with injury or a healthy athlete – you have the ability to assess the body in front of you holistically, and resolve not just faulty movement patterns, but make an impact on their entire wellbeing. That is the Polestar difference. Learn how to use movement as a creative tool to empower yourself and others while joining a community of Polestar teachers worldwide.

Continuing Education

Polestar Pilates teachers are respected for their knowledge and practical teaching skills all over the world. Our Continuing Education program consists of workshops and short courses in various disciplines to help you maintain your accreditation while expanding your skills and confidence as a Polestar teacher.

Continuing education courses and workshops are based on latest best practices and research. They are interactive and teach you to think on your feet while problem-solving for your clients and students. Find out what’s next and register your place from the Continuing Education calendar on our website.

Founded in 1992, Polestar International is renowned for training the world's most respected Pilates teachers. Polestar Pilates UK has been run by Carl & Julia Moss since 2009. Our highly qualified and experienced UK education team are recognised internationally. The UK headquarters are in London.



"Training with Polestar Pilates UK has been more than a training course, it has been a journey. Polestar Pilates Comprehensive goes above and beyond what I imagined, as it encompasses Pilates on every level; physically, spiritually and through mindful practice. Polestar worked methodically through the comprehensive repertoire with emphasis on student-based learning which I found hugely beneficial and enriching. Polestar focuses on self-practice which deepened my understanding of Pilates, my movement as a teacher, and I am much more analytical when giving client assessments. This deeper understanding makes me more confident and compassionate as a teacher, with an even greater Pilates toolkit for my clients."


Comprehensive Course, London, 2015

"Training with Polestar has been the most enriching experience for me. Polestar's approach to Pilates goes farther than learning repertoire and equipment alone. It's deepened my knowledge of the body and movement in Pilates and beyond, and it's granted me a greater appreciation for my role as a Pilates teacher. Polestar's educators are incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and inspiring. Through them and through Polestar's unique approach to the Pilates method and teacher training, I've gained an understanding of my own body and self that I hadn't truly anticipated as an outcome of this programme. Yet, I believe that it's this very thing that has in turn made me a more skilled, compassionate, perceptive, and confident Pilates teacher. I'd wholeheartedly recommend training with Polestar."


Comprehensive Course, Dublin, 2016

"Working with Polestar has been a life changing experience for me, it's completely transformed my understanding of the body and the mechanics of movement. Polestar’s unique approach has not only developed my teaching skills, making me a more confident and knowledgeable teacher; but working with the Polestar educators has been invaluable. I'd recommend their training to anyone! "


Comprehensive Course, London, 2015

"Thank you so much. I enjoyed every minute of the weekend and learned so much thanks to your fabulous teaching. I first couldn’t imagine we would cover so much in only two days but we did! There was time for everything, clear and precise teaching, group discussions, time for questions and even for laughter. The atmosphere was studious and light. "


Gateway Mat Course, London, 2018