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3 Pilates Exercises To Alleviate Neck Pain

Sitting at a screen for too long? Here are 3 Pilates exercises to alleviate neck pain that work. It’s an all too common scenario. As you tap or swipe away, absorbed in what you are doing, you begin to slouch, your upper back starts to...

The Benefits of Pilates for Seniors

Bill is a retired broker who enjoys golf twice a week and walks for 30 mins each day. Bill was 86 when he first heard about the benefits of Pilates for seniors and came to see us – four years ago. His primary concern...

How Pilates Can Help Relieve Period Pain

It might be counter-intuitive that exercise such as Pilates can help relieve period pain. Clients often ask me if it’s OK to do still do Pilates while on their period. The answer is YES. The hardest part is generally motivating yourself to get to class....