Julia Moss' Recovery with Myofascial Release

Julia Moss’ Recovery with Myofascial Release

Every morning for the last 30 years, my routine is to go out for a morning run. Whatever the weather, I go out to get my daily endorphin fix. I have had my fair share of mishaps over the years; tripping over curbs, running away from would be attackers, but one morning at the end of March last year, I...

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How Pilates Can Help Relieve Period Pain

It might be counter-intuitive that exercise such as Pilates can help relieve period pain. Clients often ask me if it’s OK to do still do Pilates while on their period. The answer is YES. The hardest part is generally motivating yourself to get to class. While your stomach feels swollen and sore in the early stages, you’d be forgiven for...

Pilates for Office Workers

Pilates for Office Workers

Jane is in her mid 30s and has a desk bound job in the City. She regularly cycles to work and likes to go to spin classes at the gym but around a year ago, started to suffer from a niggling lower back pain. This pain always felt worse after spending long periods sitting at her desk, or after travelling...