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How it works: you commit to a monthly fee for at least six months and attend either one, two or three classes a week. Naturally, the more often you choose to come, the cheaper it gets per class - from £15.00 to £13.85.  Click the club buttons below for details.

Moss Pilates is the home of Polestar Pilates, one of the most advanced Pilates training companies in the world.  We are therefore able to offer our clients the unique opportunity of doing Pilates with some of the most experienced and highly accredited teachers in the UK.

Because we are a training school, we have not one but two state-of-the-art fully equipped Pilates studios with all of the Pilates apparatus.  Working in this studio environment is the perfect way to experience private 1-1 Pilates.  We also offer studio circuit classes with our resident osteopath and Pilates rehabilitation expert as well as a small group studio club whereby you can workout on all the Pilates apparatus with a maximum of 3 other class members.

In addition to our fully-equipped studios we also offer a dedicated Pilates reformer studio offering group classes with our highly trained teachers with a maximum of 8 participants.

For an interesting and varied experience using the full range of Pilates studio equipment, try our Studio Club (details here) - book the £99.00 starter package now to arrange your initial private 1-1 assessment - classes thereafter (max 4 people) from £24.00.

See also our: special packages for beginners, various group reformer classes from £13.50, our innovative Pilates studio circuit classes from £22.00 and not forgetting, of course, private 1-to-1 tuition, all supported by our fully-qualified instructors.

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Click here to purchase our promotional starter package